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A customised approach

I use a variety of tools and approaches in order to deliver a customised treatment program for each of my clients. My primary focus is to identify the remedy that matches the totality of symptoms as presented by the patient. This is essentially classical homeopathy and forms the basis of constitutional treatment as it addresses the root cause of the illness and brings about a rebalancing of the entire system, across all three levels: mind, body and spirit.

Sometimes, constitutional treatment on its own is not enough, particularly when chronic pathological changes have already take place or toxic blockages prevent the body from healing. In these cases, I will support constitutional treatment with other tools from my homeopathic tool bag using such as: Homeobotanicals, homeopathic isotherapy and orthomolecular support. I also believe in the importance of the health of the gut/brain axis as it is a key indication of how well the system is functioning as a whole.

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