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Did you know that April 10th - 16th is 'Homeopathy Awareness Week'?

This week members of the homeopathic community are promoting homeopathy to raise public awareness, improve access to this incredible system of natural medicine and encourage more people to give it a go.

You can find out a bit more about homeopathy by watching this short animated video:

Homeopathic remedies also happen to be extremely environmentally friendly as they contain no chemicals, are made from natural substances and leave no residues or toxic waste due to the high dilutions involved in their creation. Moreover, multiple homeopathic remedies can be made from one small sample and, as long as they are kept in the right conditions, will last for years.

More detail on homeopathy's green credentials can be discovered on the School of Homeopathy's blog on 'Homeopathy - The Green Medicine at:

For further information, feel free to contact me for a brief chat or book an appointment.

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